Designing better services
for happier customers

 Through design-led change we create more meaningful and memorable emotional connections with customers and colleagues. 

It’s not just what a service does, it’s how a service makes people feel that counts. 

Creative and effective people

We’ve grown an award-winning team of creative folk and delivery expertise, with insight and ideas energising everything we do.

  • Oliver King

    Oliver King


    As a co-founder and director of Engine, Oliver helps organisations to identify where, when and how they can provide better, more meaningful and valuable services.

    Oliver is a passionate advocate of co-creation, design thinking and helping organisations to help themselves through actively building their internal service design capabilities. Oliver works across all sectors, but has extensive experience in travel, automotive, hospitality and energy sectors.

    Oliver is a recognised pioneer in his field and regularly speaks and writes internationally on service design and innovation. He is also a board Director of the Design Business Association.

  • Joe Heapy

    Joe Heapy


    Joe Heapy is co-founder and Director of Engine Service Design. With roots in industrial product design, Joe is an advocate of the social value of design in improving people’s lives.

    Joe has worked with clients across sectors to improve business performance and the experiences of service users. He helps organisations to formulate strategy and deliver service innovation: improving and interconnecting customer experiences.

    Joe has collaborated with Demos to research and publish The Journey to the Interface, a book describing user-centred approaches to service design in the public sector, is Honorary Professor of Design at Glasgow School of Art and a Visiting Professor at the Royal College of Art in London.

  • James Samperi

    James Samperi

    Director/ Managing Director - Engine Dubai

    James heads up our Dubai studio and is Client Director for all projects across the UAE and surrounding regions.

    James has a background in product design, design research, and product and service strategy. He is responsible for the delivery of projects across all sectors, and his work includes the design and development of services for clients including Dubai Airports, Mercedes-Benz, E.ON, Microsoft and the BBC.

    James has worked both sides of the client/agency divide and has a strong appreciation of what it takes to deliver great products and services from both perspectives.

    He regularly speaks and runs training workshops on service design and its impact on business, and has helped develop design programs at BA and MA level.

  • Lisa Skinner

    Lisa Skinner

    Operations Director

    Lisa has previously held senior positions in Marketing, Sales and Operations within international bluechip organisations. She's responsible for ensuring that Engine delivers the best customer experience possible and understands what it takes to deliver this across the full range of Engine's activities.

  • Paddy Whiteway

    Paddy Whiteway

    Client Services Director

    Paddy works with new and existing clients to identify how Engine can help them deliver improved services and customer experiences that increase business performance.

    With some 20 years insight gained in a variety of roles, agency and client-side, he’s well versed in both the experiential and operational gains that service design can bring.

  • Itamar Ferrer

    Itamar Ferrer

    Client Director

    Itamar leads service design projects focusing on service strategy, design and product development across a range of sectors.

    Itamar has a background in visual communications and interdisciplinary design. She is passionate about people, interactions, and the processes behind decision-making. Itamar specialises in vision, strategy and service development for implementation and delivery. She has worked extensively in Aviation, Retail, Healthcare, Automotive, Education and Financial Services.

  • David Pinder

    David Pinder

    Client Director

    David leads service design projects focusing on service strategy, design and development of front-line service capability.

    David is passionate about using a people-centred approach to uncover latent needs, to identify key opportunity areas and to make better objects, services and experiences.

    He has experience in transportation design and design research, working across insight, innovation and strategy projects.

  • Keita Twist

    Keita Twist

    Client Director

    Keita is passionate about working with businesses to create outstanding experiences for their staff and their customers. She has worked with government agencies in compliance environments, as well as NGO’s and private sector organisations.

    Keita has over 12 years’ experience in doing design from discovery through to implementation, she grew up in New Zealand and coming from a small country understands the importance of building strong working relationships. She is a strong believer in building the capability of those she works with, developing sustainable change practices, delivering tangible outcomes and having fun while she works.

  • Laurie Jones

    Laurie Jones

    Business Development Manager

    Laurie cultivated his expertise in business development and strategy while working in Product Design and Architecture, before moving into Service Design. Having lived in Europe, South America and Asia he has a broad set of skills and experiences to call upon and is interested in finding new ways to add value through design. He focuses on exploring new potential channels for Service Design and developing Engine’s portfolio.

  • Anthony Taiwo

    Anthony Taiwo

    Finance Manager

    Anthony has worked in sectors as diverse as politics and branding; providing financial analysis and advice to peers and clients alike.

    He has management accounting experience and is adept at increasing work process efficiency, monitoring budgets to provide financial accountability and ensuring coherence with international accounting standards.

    He joins Engine as Finance Manager responsible for our London and Dubai studios.

  • Isra Kassemi

    Isra Kassemi

    Finance and Office Assistant

    With a degree in finance and a background in a variety of customer facing roles, it’s no surprise Isra excels in her role as our Finance and Office Assistant.
    She supports the Finance Manager to ensure that all projects are delivered on time and within budget, ensures the day-to-day running of the office and works to maintain the optimum working environment to support project teams.

  • Julian Bromage

    Julian Bromage

    Operations Manager

    Julian has over 13 years of experience working across a number of demanding industries, focusing on operational delivery, business development and account management.
    He manages the workflow of our projects to improve service delivery, bringing commercial awareness and enhancing our clients' experiences.

  • Leon Single

    Leon Single

    Project Manager

    Leon was born and raised in Dubai and educated in Product Design at London South Bank University. After completing his studies and working in various design fields, his previous endeavour was as Project Manager at a landscape architecture practice in Dubai

  • Saima Haider

    Saima Haider

    Lead Consultant

    After working in television production for 3 years in Mumbai, Saima moved to Dubai and started a career in design. She has worked with top tier brands, start-ups and global consultancies, delivering disruptive innovation and services in the region for over 10 years. With a passion for design and love for people, Saima has been responsible for building & leading teams with focus to develop, nurture and maintain relationships with clients; converting them into successful working partnerships. 

  • Zeina Chidiac

    Zeina Chidiac

    Lead Consultant

    Zeina has 11 years of experience with branding background and have worked on conceptual work for many prestigious projects raging from Travel Industry, Hospitality, Retail, Education, Healthcare, Sports Industry and Real Estate. Being fluent in French, English and Arabic means that she can bring a true cultural dynamic to the work she’s developing. She is passionate about the design process and peoples interaction with it by creating meaningful services and products that enhance their lives and needs.

  • Thuy Nguyen

    Thuy Nguyen

    Lead Consultant

    After leaving her home country of Australia ten years ago, Thuy has worked in a myriad of industries, from entertainment to law enforcement, with early startups to multi-national corporations, primarily with clients in Europe, the UK, Asia, Latin America and now, the Middle East. As a service design practitioner, through making things work efficiently, but also figuring out how to make its people (employees and customers) happy.

  • Spencer Collard

    Spencer Collard

    Lead Consultant

  • Amal Hmayed

    Amal Hmayed

    Service Design Consultant

    Amal is a multicultural service designer with expertise in business and strategy design, social innovation and capacity building.

    She has worked as a consultant and advisor for numerous clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors in the UK and the Middle East & North Africa (MENA). She is passionate about using a design-led approach to creating and implementing seamless, innovative, and evidence-based solutions to maximise brilliant customer experiences and clients’ performance.

  • Zeina Nbiba

    Zeina Nbiba

    Service Design Consultant

    Zeina is a multicultural service designer with a background in industrial design and innovation.
    She has worked as a service and strategic designer for numerous clients in Europe, Middle-East and North Africa and I collaborated with experts from various fields of design.
    She has designed innovative products and services using a design-led approach in Healthcare, Automotive, Transportation, Social Innovation, Real Estates and Financial Services.

  • Devina Jasrani

    Devina Jasrani

    Service Design Consultant

    Devina is a creative professional with a human-centered approach to solving complex, unstructured problems. Her experience in three countries informs her emphasis on the importance of context in everything she designed.
    Devina trained as an interior designer in Ahmedabad, India and practiced as one in her hometown of Muscat, Oman. A Fulbright scholarship led her to California to pursue an Innovation Systems Design dual degree (M.S. Industrial Design + MBA).

  • Lotte Raun

    Lotte Raun

    Service Design Consultant

    Lotte has a background in industrial design and a PhD in service design. She has worked as a service designer in Denmark and Norway and is now based in Dubai. She is passionate about using service design as an approach to create change in organisations – for the benefit of the business, the employees and the customers. This is been put to great use, working for both public and private organisations and across sectors such as healthcare, aviation, utilities and F&B.

  • Pat D’arcy

    Pat D’arcy

    Service Design Consultant

    Since studying Industrial Design Pat has worked on a variety of projects, designing: products, spaces, furniture, apps and websites. He has worked for all size of companies from small local businesses right up to huge international brands like Vodafone, BP, Unilever and Nationwide bank.

  • Didac Trubat Ponti

    Didac Trubat Ponti

    Service Design Consultant

    As a Service designer, Dídac believes in the intersection between technology, business and customer centricity in order to create lasting change not only in companies but in people.
    His background encompasses both engineering and design and has brought him to work internationally across Europe, Kenya, India and China. Dídac has worked as lead experience designer and strategist developing interactive installations and exhibitions for brands and museums. Also, he has experience in social innovation and start-up environments.

  • Marc Pascual

    Marc Pascual

    Lead Communications Designer

    Marc works across a suite of projects to design and develop engaging internal and external communications for the services being developed.

    Marc has a background in Graphic and Textile Design. He has worked with different startups designing their brand and corporate identity and brings a unique view on visual communications. Marc enjoys bringing textures into digital pieces and visualisations, making them tangible and real.

  • Marla Ibrahim

    Marla Ibrahim

    Communications Designer

    Marla brings a varied set of skills from her multimedia background and has developed exceptional photography and videography skills. She employs new forms of technology innovatively engaging the user with her conceptual work and media. Working in digital advertising, Marla has created outstanding and engaging content for brands to be showcased on their social platforms. Marla has experience with a range of clients from cosmetics and hospitality through to tourism.

  • Naz Naddaf

    Naz Naddaf

    Communications Designer

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